Over the past 5 years I have been working on creating a library of eBooks that I find across the web, from the easily accessible published journals to sketchy .torrent files posted on imageboards in the backwaters of the Internet. What this site contains is my ongoing work. As I write this, I’ve amassed 28+ GB of files and, over the course of a year, uploaded them to my server. Finally, after painstakingly creating this site, I opening it up for all to use!

The site contains everything from Anarchist’s Ammunition Guides to Weird Documents; How-To Bind a Book to 100 Questions answered by Oswald Mosley (and anything in between). The library is also never complete; it will always grow and as such I will be updating it, and posting a changelog with a new table of contents, every so often. Additionally, because I am only one person, I always accept submissions. Someday I will switch the site over to proper Wiki format, but for now, if you have files you want me to add just send me an email at admin@cnqzu.com and you can tell me where to place them or I can organize them myself.

If you don’t want to dive right into the stacks, you can check out the decently made table of contents or a search. Alternatively, if you’re feeling charitable, you can donate to webhosting fund!



What file type are the documents in? 
Most are PDFs, but others are EPubs and MOBIs. As such, you will need a designated eBook reader to open them. fbReader get’s good reviews and I would recommend it, but if you know of something else use that instead.

What language are the documents in?
Most of the documents are in English, but there are some exceptions because I’ve gather some from friends in South America as well as other places across the Globe.

Do you verify that the information within the guides is accurate?
NO. I take no responsibility for what John Doe writes in The Poor Man’s James Bond. As such, despite already seeing a splashscreen, I encourage you to look over the disclaimer again. Seriously. DO IT.

My book is on here and I don’t want it to be!
Email admin@cnqzu.com.

To Do:

  • Clean up Table of Contents
  • Create Changelog
  • Zip entire library and save as .torrent