Many of the books located in the library contain how-to’s or reprints of retracted books. All information therein, and on this website, is strictly for educational purposes. Should you choose to act on/use any information acquired within a file, you do so at your own risk (both to your safety as well as legal security). I will not be held responsible for anything you chose to do. Study your local laws. Stay safe. Don’t be stupid.

If, after reading the contents of a file, you are considering taking action, ask yourself the following: “is it smart to do this?” If the answer is “no”, do NOT do it. 

Once again, any information obtained and subsequently used is solely the action of the individual in question and anything one does is at one’s own risk. 

For anyone coming to lock me in a cell, please give me advanced notice via email so I ensure that I am fully clothed when you arrive.

Additionally, any DMCA claims or Copyright issues should be sent to admin@cnqzu.com where they will be treated with the utmost respect and legitimacy.